Global coronavirus pandemic death toll rises drastically

Global coronavirus pandemic death toll rises drastically

ISLAMABAD - The United States’ Johns Hopkins University's Center for Systems Science and Engineering has said more than 30,000 COVID-19 deaths have been reported worldwide.

According to the latest data of the center, there are more than 649,000 confirmed cases globally, with 30,249 deaths.

Italy has reported more than 10,000 deaths, followed by Spain with 6,528 .

The United States has the most COVID-19 cases in the world, with a fresh figure of 115,547 and death toll surpassed 2,000.

Britain has reported 17,089 confirmed cases of the disease and 1,019 deaths and the peak of the epidemic in the country is expected to come in a few weeks.

The outbreak has infected more than 1,800 people in Japan, with 55 deaths, excluding 712 cases and 10 deaths from a cruise ship that was moored near Tokyo last month.

Iran’s Coronavirus death toll has risen to 2,640 with 38,309 infected cases.

A health ministry official said today that 3,467 of those infected are in “critical condition”.