Meizu Pro 7: First ever dual screen smartphone launched in Pakistan

Meizu Pro 7: First ever dual screen smartphone launched in Pakistan

ISLAMABD - A Chinese manufacturer Meizu Technology launched its dual-screen smartphones at an event held in Lahore, called Meizu Pro 7 and Meizu Pro 7 Plus, including two other mid-range smartphones, Meizu M6 Note and Meizu M6.

These smartphones marked themselves as the first ones with dual screens. They have two displays, one is its main panel and the second is placed at the back of the phone.

Having dual rear cameras with amazing effects, the task of switching the camera is no more needed. The user can just flip the phone and take a selfie as they can also see themselves in the back display. The phones have 12MP dual back cameras and 16MP front camera.

As per *Tech Juice, *when the phone is flipped with its 2-inch back screen on, it starts showing a mesmerizing screensaver. The second display can also show steps while moving, can control the music player, sent emails and more.

Both the phones feature a fingerprint scanner on the front that acts as a physical home key and also as a capacitive back button. The phone can also be unlocked uniquely as well by long-pressing the display.

The Meizu Pro 7 Plus is a bigger and better version of the Pro 7 as it comes in with better display, more battery and more RAM. Being a phablet-sized phone, it comes in two colors including golden and black, however, the Pro 7 is available in three colors including black, blue and golden.

The Pro 7 features 4GB RAM and 64GB storage with 3000mAh battery, whereas, the Pro 7 Plus feature 6GB RAM and 64GB storage with 3500mAh battery. Both the smartphones run on Android 7.0.

The phones will be for sale from March 31 in Pakistan with the Pro 7 costing Rs. 45,999 and the Pro 7 Plus costing Rs. 65,999.