KP government imposes Rs 19 crore fines on negligent teachers

KP government imposes Rs 19 crore fines on negligent teachers

DI KHAN: (APP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is rigorously pursing corrective strategy to ameliorate education sector, collecting Rs 190 million on account of fine on teachers for dereliction from duty.

"We have been successfully going ahead with stick and carrot approach as far as education department is concerned, negligent teachers are punished and deductions are made from their salaries without any political expediency," Provincial Revenue Minister Ali Amin observed on occasion of his visit to various schools here for distributing free shoes and uniforms to students.

On the other hand, Ali Amin said the provincial government was working on a robust plan, featuring incentives for teachers to encourage them for working with more dedication.

He said extensive training programmes were arranged for teachers to hone their teaching skills and get them learning methodology which worked more effectively in enlightening students on various concepts or questions in their courses.

"Only education can guarantee development in prevailing situation and we can face challenges by imparting quality education to young generation," the Revenue Minister observed.

He urged teachers to work with more dedication and devotion and impart quality education to the young lot who had to play a role for achieving a bright future for the country.

He said the government was equally according priority to all sectors especially education which played pivotal role in socio-economic development of the country, adding efforts had been made for ensuring equal opportunities for masses including women who constituted half of the country's population to effectively face the contemporary and future challenges.

Appreciating performance of students in their annual results, he urged them to focus more on their studies as they had to hold reins of the country and bring it at par with other developed states of the world in terms of economic development.

He also advised students to take part in healthy extra-curricular activities for their healthy personality development and to gear up for future role as leaders of the nation.

He said that KP government was taking great pain to enroll maximum children in educational institutions in order to make them as useful entity of a society by equipping them with quality education, adding free drawing books and color pencils were also given to the students of primary schools which would encourage them to go to schools.