Top Bollywood Actress Swara Bashkar sexually assaulted

Top Bollywood Actress Swara Bashkar sexually assaulted

MUMBAI - Bollywood top actress Swara Bashkar, who's currently on cloud 9 with the success of her last release Veere De Wedding, is one of the few Bollywood actresses who're known for not mincing their words.

At a time when #MeToo <link> and #TimesUp movements are gathering momentum across the globe, it's high time that B-Town actors too come forward and speak up on the issue of sexual harrasment, especially at work place. While Swara has always been very vocal about the issue, she recently narrated a shocking incident of her brush-up with casting couch in Bollywood.

The actress was speaking at a recent event where she was asked if she's been through casting couch. Swara shared an anecdote about a man claiming to be a big producer, kept asking her about her residential address.

A report on the *Indian Express*quoted the actress as saying, "When I got out this guy actually tried to kiss my ear and said 'I love you baby' and I kind of did that (gestures shirking away)," said Swara, and added: "So, he got a mouthful of my hair so I was just like... so that kind of stuff happens. It's all a part of casting couch, right?"

Further talking about feminism, Swara <link>added that it's about a thought that there should be equality among the genders. She said that for her, feminism is about giving women choice.

"So if some women choose to be conservative or choose to deny themselves their own rights, what can I say? I think it is completely legitimate to ask those women that why do they want to tie themselves down?” she said.