Panama Case JIT allegations proved correct, SECP tempered record for Sharif family

Panama Case JIT allegations proved correct, SECP tempered record for Sharif family

ISLAMABAD: Contrary to the claims of SECP that the probe against Sharifs’ sugar mills was dropped in 2013, the entry of the closure of the Chaudhry Sugar Mill was signed backdated in June 2016.

The bigwigs of SECP are now in a bid to deflect blame on others of doing this illegality including its chief who may also file his statement before the Supreme Court.

Moreover, some senior officials of the SECP are considering filing their statements before the apex court as well.

These sources said that the incumbent SECP chairman insists that he is not involved in all this but those officials who signed the backdated document allege that they did it following the chairman’s pressure.

Officials privy to the probe maintain that the money laundering probe initiated against Chaudhry Sugar Mills in 2011 following the then PPP government’s pressure, was closed in 2013 but it was not reflected in both the files of the case maintained by the SECP .

According to a senior SECP official, there were two files maintained at Corporate Supervision Department of SECP (CSD) with regard to Chaudhry Sugar Mills Limited. One of these files was regarding the anti-money laundering investigation in the shape of a letter written to UK CA and the other file was the routine examination file.

It is said that the relevant note portion in the anti-money laundering investigation file shows that the case was closed in May 2013. However, the same note was not written on the routine examination file.

The source added that the evidence available on record contains letters for closure to UK CA in 2013, relevant note portion of anti-money laundering investigation file and non-inclusion of export sales regarding observation in the Section 263 order, which demonstrate that the matter was already closed.

However, in June 2016, according to sources, former head of CSD Ali Azeem Ikram claimed to have been called in the incumbent chairman’s office where Tahir Mehmood, Commissioner (CLD), Abid Hussain and Ms Maheen Fatima, Director CSD were already sitting there and files of Chaudhry Sugar Mills were lying open on chairman’s table.

The chairman, it is alleged, directed the officers to immediately put a backdated note in the file to confirm closing of inquiry on the relevant date.

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