Iran opposes more US troops deployment in Afghanistan

Iran opposes more US troops deployment in Afghanistan

The Iranian authorities have expressed concerns regarding the presence of the foreign forces in Afghanistan as the international allies of Afghanistan , including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mulling expansion of the troops presence in the country.

The Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani during a meeting with the Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament of Afghanistan Abdul Rauf Irahimi said there is no need for presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan since Afghan people are fully capable of fighting the terrorists.Larijani also claimed that that the presence of foreign military forces on Afghanistan soil under the pretext of fighting terrorism has hindered the country’s progress.

He also stressed that Iran would spare no efforts in helping Afghanistan in combating terrorism, according to the local Mehr News Agency report.

The remarks by Larijani came a day before the NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels who are mulling to deploy further troops to Afghanistan in a bid to help with the train, advise, and assist mission of the alliance’s mission in the country amid deteriorating security situation.

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