Pro Freedom demonstrations geared up in Indian Occupied Kashmir 

Pro Freedom demonstrations geared up in Indian Occupied Kashmir 

ISLAMABAD: (APP) People staged forceful pro-freedom demonstrations in Islamabad town of Indian Occupied Kashmir on the sixth martyrdom anniversary of three teenagers killed by Indian police.

According to KMS, the youth, Shujat-ul-Islam (17), Imitiyaz Ahmad Yetoo (15), and Ishtiyaq Ahmad Khanday (15) were killed by the police in the compound of a house in Anchidora area of the town on June 29 during the 2010 mass uprising.

The leaders and activists of Tehreek-e-Hurriyet (TeH), Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) and Muslim League visited the families of the martyred youth and expressed solidarity with them. They also led pro-freedom demonstrations in Anchidora and SK Colony. The protesters were carrying placards and shouting pro-freedom slogans. Banners were also put on in these localities.

Addressing the gathering, the DFP leader, Engineer Farooq Khan, paid glowing tributes to the martyred teenagers. He deplored that the trigger-happy Indian forces' personnel did not even spare these young kids and killed them in cold blood.

TeH Tehsil President Pahalgam, Riyaz Ahmad, and another leader, Sabzar Ahmad, said that occupation was the root cause of atrocities committed by Indian forces in the territory.

Later, fateha was held in memory of the three teenagers.

Meanwhile, Hurriyet leader, Mukhtar Ahmad Waza in a statement also paid homage to Shujat-ul-Islam, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Khanday and Imtiyaz Ahmad Ittoo on their martyrdom anniversary and expressed dismay that their killers were still roaming free despite the passing of six years. He said that the people of Kashmir would continue their just struggle for securing their right to self-determination till taking it to its logical conclusion.