Meet Tanzeela - first Sheedi woman to be elected as member of Sindh Assembly

Meet Tanzeela - first Sheedi woman to be elected as member of Sindh Assembly

KARACHI: After emerging as the only party to have fielded more women politicians on assembly seats than any other party in the country during general elections 2018, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has broken a new barrier by introducing Tanzeela Qambrani who has the distinct stature of being the first Sindhi Sheedi woman as Member of the Provincial Assembly.

A woman of African descent hailing from a society that still endures discrimination, Tanzeela has struggled through time to fight prejudice at the hands of the feudal class in her community.

A postgraduate in Computer Science from the University of Sindh, she is the first Sheedi to return to the Sindh Assembly on the PPP’s quota of reserved seats for women.

However, the party had attempted to elevate her status to a more revered position even before.

She was nominated in the past to head the municipal committee in Malti of Badin district.

But an influential PPP member wooed other members of the party on his side and went to contest for the post as an independent member against the party’s discipline. He got elected eventually.

Having her roots in African country Tanzania, Tanzeela's has had to face numerous prejudices from the people ever since they immigrated to Pakistan. 

However Tanzeela remembers, she has come across many kind souls too. The greatest example is PPP's chairman Bilawal Bhutto, she believes.