ISIS cells revealed in Afghan provinces bordering Pakistan: Officials

ISIS cells revealed in Afghan provinces bordering Pakistan: Officials

KABUL - Afghan parliament members from eastern provinces on Monday claimed the security situation in the eastern zone, particularly Nangarhar bordering Pakistan has been artificially deteriorated.

They expressed concern over growing civilian casualties and alleged that Daesh strongholds and centres existed in Jalalabad and waged attacks in other parts of the country from there.

The lawmakers demanded immediate action from the government for restoration of security and warned of mass movement if the government declined their demand.

The views were expressed by lawmakers Hazrat Ali, Ismatullah Shinwari, Abdul Latif Nahzat and Mir HatamTarakhel.

Hazrat Ali said in the past Nangarhar was stabile and peaceful, but now the province had turned insecure for all.

“Not even educational institutes are safe in our country, the government and the foreigners are silent over the current situation and until they don’t change the security policy of the country, stability may not come,” he said, referring to the recent terror attacks in Nangarhar.

Hazrat Ali claimed that centres of Daesh were situated in Jalalabad, from where they planned and executed their attacks. He, however, said security institutions and the government were unaware of the fact.