People should pinpoint the wrong doings of government officials: CM Khattak 

People should pinpoint the wrong doings of government officials: CM Khattak 

PESHAWAR: (APP) Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has termed elimination of corrupt practices and irregularities as joint and collective initiative, urging people to put their share to have a transparent system for efficient delivery of services by public sector institutions.

He said there is no interference by the government and now it is a duty, the people should take on themselves to pinpoint where the wrong doing is going on.

He said they simply complain it with proofs and then see how the government would spurn into action and make the wrong-doers an example for others.

He was talking to a delegation led by prominent Muslim League leader Salim Saifullah Khan at CM House here Saturday.

Former Advisor to Chief Minister Malik Riaz Awan and Hisham Khan were also included in the delegation.

The delegation discussed the developmental issues related to the developmental strategy and the issues of local importance related to the local government system.

The Chief Minister said that the power and authority devolved down to the grassroots level was actually a philosophy for empowering the people to look to their problems and resolve them through their own understanding and "we understand that the people are the real stakeholders."

He said the government needed to give resources and the power to use these resources judiciously. They have the wisdom how to utilize these resources and where to utilize them for their own benefit because they are the best judges for their communities, he added.

The Chief Minister pointed out that it is a strategy to see the outgoing governments, unveiling the plaques of developmental schemes for which there was no resource or announcing certain schemes for which there was no fiscal space but it was just playing to the gallery.

This was what his government inherited a culture that is hated in the civilized world and this is unfortunate. He said his government was now, not only implementing what was earlier announced as construction of buildings and laying down infrastructure required a lot of resources. In addition, the provincial government was also setting up six universities in six different backward cities.

The previous governments had left behind a culture of mass scale recruitment that overburdened the public sector institutions and "this is a case mostly visible when we talk about the un-required and un-qualified manpower in public sector tertiary educational institutions."

His government was now on the corrective measures, he asserted.

The Chief Minister said it is his government that changed the culture of giving public money to the legislators which has never been taken well in the civilized governance system.

Now it would be given to the areas where these resources are needed and which could be utilized by the local government system so that the resource distribution mechanism could put a visible impact at the tail end.

On the process of accountability and its institution, the Chief Minister said that the new mechanism would not spare anybody.

He said that "let the opponent's level allegations and we won't look behind but move ahead in our constructive strategy for improving the system, bringing transparency in the governance related issues and making the system a transparent one."

He assured that his government would give a great say to the elected representatives at the third tier of governance.