Pakistan Military DG ISPR gives a stern warning to India, cautions of a Surprise

Pakistan Military DG ISPR gives a stern warning to India, cautions of a Surprise

ISLAMABAD: In what could be deemed a curtain call, press conference consisting of defence and military affairs reporters were called by the outgoing Director-General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (DG-ISPR), Asif Ghafoor.

The military spokesperson said that Pakistan had fought a decisive war against terrorism for the past two decades, paying homage to Pakistan’s print and broadcast media Ghafoors said that the media played a pivotal role in the battle for narratives.

Asif Ghafoor claimed that and Indo-Pak war was knocking at the door in February of last year.

“Pakistan Armed Forces stalled the catastrophe with their grit, valour, superior training and bravado. A noteworthy retaliation to Indian overtures resulted in maintaining peace and stability in the region,” said DG-ISPR.

Lauding the display of professionalism shown by the Pakistan Armed Forces on that fateful day, Ghafoor hailed the Pakistan Army, Navy and Airforce for their excellence.

“Pakistani leadership tackled the intricate matter very carefully, COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa’s superior military strategy saved the region from doom,” added Asif Ghafoor.

“There is no victor in war, the only loser is humanity.”

“If a war keeps being forced on us then we will not shy away, we will retaliate with all our might and expertise, Pakistan Armed Forces and the nation will always be ready to ‘surprise’ India.”

“We have maintained that India will start the war but Pakistan will finish it.”

Talking about the Kashmir issue, DG-ISPR said that the fire that rages in Kashmir may engulf the entire region.