Facebook launches new exciting offline feature for users across the World

Facebook launches new exciting offline feature for users across the World

WASHINGTON - Facebook on Tuesday launched a new tool to provide its users more control on their personal browsing data which the tech giant is allowed to access.

The "Off-Facebook Activity" tool – which was first rolled out on August 20, 2019, in Ireland, South Korea and Spain – lets users disconnect their identities from their browsing history so Facebook cannot see which websites specific users have visited and what they do on those sites in an effort to improve the social media platform’s transparency.

Facebook will introduce the tool to approximately two billion of its users across the globe “a prompt encouraging them to review their privacy settings” in their newsfeeds, which will then direct users to their privacy settings so they can make personal alterations.

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These settings include an option to use the Off-Facebook Activity tool, Facebook said in a Tuesday blog post.

Facebook receives user activity data from other websites to personalise advertisements.

"Imagine a clothing website wants to show an advertisement to people who are interested in a new style of shoes," Facebook’s chief privacy officer for policy, Erin Egan, and Facebook’s director of product management, David Baser, explained in a blog post. "They can send information to Facebook saying someone on a particular device looked at those shoes.

If that device information matches someone’s Facebook account, we can show ads about those shoes to that person."