Sharif Brothers summoned to Saudi Arabia over corruption cases in Kingdom: Report

Sharif Brothers summoned to Saudi Arabia over corruption cases in Kingdom: Report

ISLAMABAD - It has been revealed that both Sharif brothers have been summoned in connection with Saudi princes’ corruption cases in Saudi Arabia, the Nation has reported.

Reliable diplomatic sources said that arrested Saudi Prince on the charges of corruption cases have admitted their ties with eight important personalities, which include former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif , for Bangla Deshi PM Khalid Zia and resigned Lebanon PM Saad Al-Hariri.

Saudi Crown Prince Shahzada Muhammad Bin Suleman has launched an investigation at a massive level to eradicate corruption while Sharif brothers are falling prey to it too. After receiving information, ex-PM Nawaz Sharif had sent Maulana Sajid Mir on a special mission to Saudi Arabia to tackle this situation.

After fifteen’s continuous struggle, Sajid Mir summoned Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to Saudi Arabia and Turkish PM Ali Bin Yaldrim was also called there, sources said.

Being the corruption <link> at the massive level, Mian Shahbaz <link>Sharif <link> now asked his elder brother and disqualified PM Nawaz <link>Sharif <link> to arrive Saudi Arabia.

Former Chief Of Army Staff (COAS), General Rahil <link>Sharif <link> during his Lahore tour in September had told too many circles that Nawaz <link>Sharif <link> is going to launch countrywide drive against national security institutions and judiciary, adding the Indian lobby is fully supporting him (Nawaz).

During this span, when Saudi Arabian government took princes into custody over corruption <link> charges then the chain of corruption <link> was also linked to Pakistan. Both <link>Sharif <link> brothers are striving hard to halt investigation against them, sources claimed.

Sources further claimed that when <link>Sharif <link> brothers would be returning to homeland then they would have a document regarding involvement in corruption <link> nor the NRO.