Indian Army has lost 31 soldiers at LoC

Indian Army has lost 31 soldiers at LoC

NEW DELHI - 2017 has been the most violent years on the LoC — the ceasefire between India and Pakistan, in place since 2003, now exists more in its breach than in adherence to it by the two sides.

As per official data, there have been 820 ceasefire violations so far this year — nearly four times the number in the previous year. There were 228 ceasefire violations on the LoC last year, an increase from only 152 in 2015.

“2017 has been very violent on the LoC. In spite of the violence though, there was some control we could exercise. This is reflected in the number and kind of kills (the number of militants killed during infiltration). Our casualty figures on the LoC are not that high, if you consider the number of ceasefire violations occurring this year,” an official source said.

The Indian Army has lost 31 soldiers on the LoC this year, including 14 who died in ceasefire violations. Another 17 died in counter-infiltration operations and other incidents on the LoC; cross-LoC action at local levels, for which no official data are available.

However, sources confirmed that there has been a significant rise in cross-LoC action by both sides this year.