Afghan spy agency NDS is incompetent and politicised: officials

Afghan spy agency NDS is incompetent and politicised: officials

KABUL - Following Thursday suicide attack in Kabul which claimed 41 lives and wounded 84 others, Kabul residents criticized the security agencies, particularly the National Directorate of Security, for “failing to prevent deadly attacks in the city.

“Security force members should be aware who is new in an area and who has rented a house and where? The report about everything in an area should be sent to the National Directorate of Security. The agency should know this,” Kabul resident Abdul Hamid said.

The first gathering in Kabul that was targeted by Daesh was the mass demonstration by the Enlightenment Movement in July.

Since then, over 130 civilians have been killed in Daesh attacks in Kabul.

Some members of the Enlightenment Movement said the leadership the NDS is not able to prevent such attacks.

“The National Directorate of Security was not distanced from politics under the In the National Unity Government. Besides that political, regional and team-oriented activities influenced the low level officials in the agency,” said Daud Naaji, member of the Enlightenment Movement.

“The wrong politics of government leaders is behind the killing of the people,” said Nazir Ahmadzai, Second Deputy Speaker of Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House of Parliament.

The National Directorate of Security refused to comment on the remarks.