Pakistan FDI increased to $2.4 billion in fiscal year

Pakistan FDI increased to $2.4 billion in fiscal year

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbas says renowned international rating organizations have recognized upward economic growth of Pakistan. 

According to Radio Pakistan, he was speaking at the cabinet meeting in Islamabad. 

The meeting was apprised that Pakistan has recorded an increased GDP growth of 5.3 percent during the current fiscal year due to prudent economic policies of the government.

It was told that large scale manufacturing achieved 5.6 percent growth whereas per capita income increased to 1,629 dollars from 1,334 dollars in 2013.   

It was further told that remittances increased to 19.3 billion dollars, tax collection reached 3,362 billion rupees and fiscal deficit reduced by 5.8 percent.

The Cabinet was informed that forex reserves increased to 21.4 billion dollars and Foreign Direct Investment witnessed an increase of 2.4 billion dollars in the current financial year.