Hamid Karzai hits back hard at US airstrikes in Afghanistan

Hamid Karzai hits back hard at US airstrikes in Afghanistan

The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly reacted at the recent civilian deaths in the hands of the Taliban and ISIS insurgents as well as the alleged US airstrike.

The Office of the former President in a statement said Tuesday that once again the ordinary civilians including children lost their lives or were wounded in US airstrike in Bakhtabad area of Shindand district on Monday.

The statement further added that some ordinary civilians were killed in a similar airstrike in Chahardara district of northern Kunduz province.

Two days ago in Kabul’s Imam Zaman mosque inflicted casualties to the civilians including women and children, Karzai said, adding that on Tuesday a suicide attack once again inflicted casualties to the civilians in Kabul.

Karzai further added that the civilians are one day killed in the cities from the address of ISIS and Taliban while the other day they are killed in the villages under the pretext of the fight against Taliban and ISIS and the killing of the Afghans continue.

According to Karzai, the latest killings of the civilians prove that the Afghans are being killed by the foreigners and a foreign cause.

He insisted that the Afghans must remain vigilant against such conspiracies and only unity and vigilance among the people can thwart the conspiracies and lead to peace and stability in the country.