Russia unveils fifth generation stealth drone

Russia unveils fifth generation stealth drone

MOSCOW - Video has emerged of Russia’s new heavy drone Okhotnik (‘Hunter’) flying alongside a fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet. The first test flight of the kind, it showcased the formidable team formed by the two futuristic aircraft.

Spectacular moments from the 30-minute test mission were captured in a video released by the Defense Ministry. It showed the aircraft taking off and traversing the skies just meters away from each other. [image: Loading video]

The collaboration was not just for show – being paired with the drone actually allows the Su-57 to expand its radar coverage and attack its targets without entering the enemy’s air-defense area.

Okhotnik has a flying-wing body type, which makes it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. The military said that the *“special material and coating”* used in its design allows it to almost completely avoid detection by modern radar systems. [image: © Russia’s Defense Ministry]© Russia’s Defense Ministry

The UAV first took to the skies in August and so far there’s little known about it. Media reports claim that the machine has a takeoff weight of over 20 tons and can operate at supersonic speeds. Besides performing surveillance missions, the drone is also said to be capable of carrying weapons in its internal bays.