CM Shehbaz Sharif address at 67th anniversary of National Day of China

CM Shehbaz Sharif address at 67th anniversary of National Day of China

LAHORE (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif Wednesday said that China had achieved a high place in comity of nations through hard work, dedication and determination.

"Journey of friendship between Pakistan and China is spread over six decades and friendship of both the countries is unprecedented in the world," he said, adding that Pakistan and China were tied in bonds of mutual respect and love.

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He was addressing the 67th anniversary of National Day of Peoples Republic of China at a local hotel.

The Chief Minister said that China under the leadership of Communist Party of China achieved this place through supreme sacrifices and facing difficulties.

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He said that Chinese nation had become a great nation due to determination, hard work and commitment.

He said that in 1978 despite socialism, China opened its economy.

He said the secret of progress of Chinese nation was innovation, research and hard work. "China has become second biggest economic force and a big military power of the world," he mentioned.

The Chief Minister said friends and foes respected China due to commendable place achieved through hard work. He said Chinese President had given a great vision of progress and prosperity through one belt one road vision.

Pakistan Motorways under construction projects of CPEC

He said dozens of projects were being completed speedily throughout Pakistan including Punjab under the CPEC. He said Chinese government and investors had made investment of billions of dollars in these projects. Chinese investment was aimed at progress and welfare of people of Pakistan and elimination of poverty and unemployment, he said and added that Chinese investment was unprecedented in the world history. Historic investment of 46 billion dollars was for energy, infrastructure, transport and other public welfare projects, he said.

Shehbaz Sharif said CPEC projects would prove to be game changer not only for Pakistan but entire region. He said vision of speedy development and prosperity of Pakistan was a great favour by Chinese leadership. Chinese vision was reflective of reducing tension through progress and prosperity and searching solution of difficulties through dialogues.

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The Chief Minister said he understood that China's vision was unique and Pakistan was lucky it had great friend like China. He said untiring efforts would be made for achieving the objectives of CPEC. He said, "Chinese nation has given a lesson of hard work to Pakistan and we have to forward this lesson to coming generations." He said hard work was the only way of development and prosperity. Some elements from within the country and some foreign countries were issuing statements against splendid project of CPEC, he said and added that it had been said in the statements coming from across the border that CPEC was not acceptable to them. He said such statements had increased tension as those opposing CPEC were afraid of success of this great project. He said those talking against this project should remember that no one could stop the CPEC. He said that journey of progress and prosperity had started and Chinese investment of 46 billion dollars would be increased to thousands billion dollars in future.

Shehbaz Sharif said those opposing CPEC should know that this project would not stop but move ahead speedily. He accepted the challenge of those talking of war against poverty from across the border. He said that Pakistan would win the war against poverty soon but the other side would take thousands of years but would not be able to eliminate poverty from their country. He said that threats of stopping water were not justified. He said the opponent countries did not want promotion of CPEC but their nefarious designs would never be fulfilled.

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The Chief Minister said no power of the world could stop speedy progress and prosperity under the CPEC and this journey would be continued speedily. He said that EXIM Bank of China had released third installment for Orange Line Metro Train Project. He said the Punjab government had filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the decision of High Court. He said China had expressed full confidence in Pakistani leadership by giving funds for public welfare projects despite the case in the court. He said that metro train was a splendid project of public welfare. He said funds of Rs. 44 billion had been released for the project so far. He assured Chinese leadership and government to come up to their expectations and added that despite problems metro train project would be completed within stipulated period. He said politicians, judges, generals, bureaucrats and common man would benefit from world standard, affordable transport facility. He said this project was not of Lahore or Punjab but the entire country.

He said Punjab speed would change into Pakistan speed and the load-shedding would be eliminated from the country by the end of next year.