Afghan Senators beat each other during Senate session

Afghan Senators beat each other during Senate session

KABUL - Senators in the Meshrano Jirga (Upper House of Parliament) on Sunday debated the issue of holding a traditional Loya Jirga, but while some were in favor of this others opposed such a move – the debate became heated, ending in a physical brawl.

According to senators, the discussion started peacefully, but then became quite heated when senator Mohammad Hanif Hanifi was speaking. Kandahar senator Rahmatullah Achakzai rushed at Hanifi and started lashing out at him physically.

Other members present were however quick to respond and dragged Achakzai off Hanifi.


A number of senators criticized Achakzai’s move and said physical violence was in violation of house regulations. 

“Administrative board and senators, this issue should be resolved in a way that convinces you,” said first deputy speaker of the senate Mohammad Alam Ezadyar.

The speaker of the senate, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, meanwhile suspended Achakzai for the alleged assault on Hanifi. Based on the senate’s rules, if any one commits physical violence against another, he will be suspended for one month and the senator will lose all privileges during this time.

Muslimyar said however the issue between the two senators should be resolved through discussions. 

“Senators are like brothers and sisters to each other. This issue damages the senate and we will review it,” Muslimyar said. 

This comes after MPs also lashed out at each other last week.