Western Powers are backing Terrorist groups in Syria: Syrian President Asad

DAMASCUS: Terrorists are growing up in Syria because of the financial support and backing of Western countries. “Several countries in the region and the West, including France , support terrorism by providing political power for terrorist groups in Syria and the region”. He said that terrorism is the main cause of suffering of people in Syria .Warning that it was “an international phenomenon that no border can prevent its spread”. President Bashar al-Assad has promised to hold fresh elections in Syria - but only after ‘terrorist’ forces have been defeated. Assad made the remarks during a meeting with a French parliamentary delegation headed by Jean-Frederic Poisson, the leader of the Christian Democratic Party, in the Syrian capital Damascus. French President Francois Hollande said last week: “Something must be done to  Bashar Assad, who is the problem, and cannot therefore be the solution.”

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