Pakistanis invested $9 billion in UAE properties

Pakistanis invested $9 billion in UAE properties

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan has signed an agreement today with Switzerland. He said the agreements signed with 26 countries reveal that 11 billion dollars of Pakistanis are stashed abroad.

He said the information on bank accounts in UAE indicates that one billion dollars of Pakistani are hidden there. However, the information of Iqama holders is not available. He said Pakistanis invested nine billion dollars in properties in the UAE during the past some year.

The Prime Minister said FIA so far caught fake accounts of 375 billion rupees. He said PTI government is the first government that is actively taking steps against money laundering.

Imran Khan said the government is paying an interest of six billion rupees daily as interest on loans. He said land worth over 300 billion rupees was retrieved by Capital Development Aathority in its operations against encroachments. He said Punjab has recovered land of 88,000 acres from the encroachment mafia.

Referring to growth of stunted children, the Prime Minister said a pilot project was completed to improve the health of mothers and children and now four million mothers and children will be given better diet to reduce stunted growth from current 43 percent to 30 percent.