Pakistani Man kills Emirati Boss who withheld salary "in exchange for Sex": Media Report


ABU DHABI – Pakistani man has been sentenced to death after he confessed to killing his Emirati boss who withheld his salary “in exchange for sex”.

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance handed the sentence to the man after he was found guilty of premeditated murder and theft, the Khaleej Times reported.

The worker and his employer are thought to have got into a dispute over wages and a delay in the payment of bonuses.

The Pakistan man, who has not been named yet, was said to have been earning roughly $272 despite being promised a monthly salary of $408.

After working for many months, the employer informed the defendant that his monthly salary had been increased by $136, bringing it in line with the amount that was initially promised.

After the employer refused to pay the additional amount, the man went to a shop with his friend and bought a meat cleaver, according to the Khaleej Times. He then called his boss for a meeting and told him that he wanted to go to a remote area in the city outskirts to pick something from a friend but needed his help because he didn’t have transport.

The Emirati boss drove him in his car. And while on the way in a quiet area, the worker pulled out the meat cleaver and hit him with it on the head and neck.

Prosecutors charged the man with premeditated murder and theft.

Throughout the trial, the Pakistani man maintained he had attacked his employer in self-defence.