Indian delegates thank Pakistan for historic opening of Kartarpur Corridor

Indian delegates thank Pakistan for historic opening of Kartarpur Corridor

Indian Punjab Minister for Tourism and Culture Navjot Singh Sidhu has said that religion should never be seen through the prism of terrorism and politics. 

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor, Navjot Singh Sidhu said we need to revise the thinking about peace. He said the bloodshed and violence should be stopped for the sake of peace as war is no solution to any problem. Navjot Singh Sidhu said this corridor will connect the hearts of people.

The Indian Punjab Minister said opening of corridor by Prime Minister Imran Khan will be written in golden words in history.

Sidhu said governments of Pakistan and India are equally appreciable for facilitating in realisation of the dreams of over 120 million Sikhs around the world. He said both governments need to think of moving ahead in their relations.

Sidhu said the improvement of relations between Pakistan and India can bring many benefits to the people of the two countries.

He expressed good wishes for Prime Minister Imran Khan and thanked him for his efforts for opening the holiest religious place of Sikhs.  

Indian Minister for Food Harsimrat Kaur Badal said today is a very important day in history as this has brought what could not be achieved in past 70 years.

She said the land of Pakistan is a very sacred place for the followers of Sikhism.

Terming the Kartarpur peace corridor, she said this will bring more opportunities for people of both countries besides reducing tensions.

Indian Minister said Baba Guru Nanak lived many years of his life in Kartarpur and practiced agri farming as living.

Harsimrat said the wall of hatred between Pakistan and India can also fall the way the Berlin Wall fell.

The Indian Minister appealed the Pakistani government to issue a commemorative stamp or coin in the name of Baba Gurunanak.