Younis Khan reveals the secret behind his success

Younis Khan reveals the secret behind his success
PESHAWAR: Pakistan Cricket legendary player Younis Khan has revealed the secret behind his success.

Former Pakistan cricket stalwart Younis Khan stated that in trying times during his batting and fielding, he would often recite Astaghfar which helped him to brave the circumstances. 

Younis Khan said that reciting Astaghfar for forgiveness from the Almighty helped him quite a lot.

"I would recite Astaghfar during my batting and fielding when times were rough. I found it to be quite helpful," he said.

In response to a question, Younis said that it was his wish to observe the fasts that he had unfortunately not been able to keep earlier, for the rest of his life.

"Allah will fulfill this wish of mine like He has fulfilled all other wishes," he said.

The former Test batsman further said that Ramazan was a month of blessing and virtue in which Muslims should help each other as much as they can. He said that for him, every chapter of the Holy Quran held immense significance and importance.

In response to another question, Younis said that he was the one who usually recited Azaan, the call to prayer, when the team prayed.