Suspended Tower to be build in Dubai

Suspended Tower to be build in Dubai

An American firm has proposed to suspend a tower in one of Dubai cities from space in what comes as an astonishing leap in tech-mechanics.

New-York based firm has proposed a futuristic design of a building that will be held in air with an asteroid suspending it through a high-strength cable.

An illustration of the proposed tower

The firm describes the building as a structure that would invert the traditional, earth-based constructions as it will be supported from the space through a system called Universal Orbital Support System.

According to the US company, Dubai can be the most ideal country for the first-ever futuristic construction called Analemma Tower.

Dubai costs one-fifth of the amount builders demand to erect a skyscraper in New York.

Dubai attracts millions of tourists annually including top stars from soccer fields to Los Angeles Hollywood stars known for exotic and lavish lifestyles.

It is predominantly known for the world’s tallest skyscraper that it boasts called Burj Khalifa.