Indian Army new lethal weapon in occupied Kashmir

Indian Army new lethal weapon in occupied Kashmir

Indian forces are planning to introduce another lethal weapon, a grenade packed with spicy jelly in Indian held  Kashmir to quell protests. This grenade causes severe irritation in the eyes on exploding.

Reports quoting Indian defense officials said that the armed forces would swiftly turn to pellet guns on noticing that the new weapon is less effective against protesters, giving a free hand to the forces to decide the use of pellets on their own.

Oloeoresin, a semi-solid extract in a solution, mixed with spicy gel, would be put in the grenade casings to tackle the protesters, they said.

The decision to use such grenades came up at a meeting chaired by Indian Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi in view of growing criticism in the world against the use of lethal pellets. However, the same pellets would still decide the fate of protesters, as this weapon will continue to be used.

Spicy gel is being manufactured by Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE), a defence laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

Immediately after exploding, it emits gas which causes breathing difficulty and severe irritation in eyes.