WhatsApp launches a new feature for its users

WhatsApp launches a new feature for its users

ISLAMABAD - The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp has been introducing all kinds of new features recently, and the latest one is that the company is developing a new multi-platform system through which users will be able to access their account on more than one device.

Right now the app only allows you to use your WhatsApp account from WhatsApp Web, and even for that, you need to have your mobile phone online and connected to your PC or laptop through the QR code. The new multi-platform system will give users the ability to remain active on multiple devices at the same time without being attached to your phone.

The new multi-platform option will operate alongside with WhatsApp’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, which is also in its development stage. With the development of this platform, users will be able to connect or login to WhatsApp Web on PC even if their mobile phone (Android or iOS) is offline.

WhatsApp Web at the moment only supports a chat interface and it does not include the voice or video call feature. However, with the introduction of a new multi-platform feature, the Web portal will offer much more feature. Not much is known about this new interface the messaging giant is working on, so we are not sure what it will look like, but the functionalities will definitely be better.