Matches between PSL and IPL teams?

Matches between PSL and IPL teams?

ISLAMABAD - Ali Naqvi, the owner of the Islamabad United franchise, who are the defending champions in the Pakistan Super League, has called for matches to be played between the Indian Premier League (IPL) and PSL teams.

"I think we should consider having regular matches between teams from the IPL and PSL which are the best leagues in the world," Naqvi told reporter here.

Naqvi said he had also suggested to the owners of the Mumbai Indians to play a friendly with Islamabad United but that didn't happen.

Naqvi, however, conceded that conditions at present were not conducive for this to happen but said cricket always has played a big role in reducing tensions between Pakistan and India.

"Some thought should be given to this suggestion. It can happen sometime in the future," he said.

Incidentally, former Pakistan allrounder Abdul Razzaq had made a similar suggestion a few days back, calling for a match between the champion teams of both leagues.