Afghanistan: Is Pakistan problem or solution to the problem?

Afghanistan: Is Pakistan problem or solution to the problem?

After a decade long war in Afghanistan which was imposed by Bush administration, US finally decided to pull out (largely) its forces in Afghanistan . The plan by Washington was to keep 5500 soldiers till end of the 2016 which was later raised to 8400 soldiers due to increase in resistance forces in order to carry out targeted operation & providing some stability. 

The question here arises who wins? Can Washington declare a victory in Afghanistan ? Does killing of Osama Bin Laden is the only face saving Washington can rely on to prove their success? Are they leaving Kabul in such a state which guarantees a peaceful government & an administration which can really control entire of the Afghanistan ? Can we consider Washington did same mistake done once a time by Moscow? 

Answer of all these questions as per Washington & their allies in region is given by putting Pakistan responsible for everything happened & what is happening till the moment. But in fact, the answers lie within all of this which happened & still is happening.

There was a time (1979-1989) when US & its intelligence came hands in hands with Pakistan for achieving their strategic goals which were successfully achieved by mutual cooperation. The Soviet Union had to withdraw from Afghanistan as a result of US & Pakistan backing of Afghan Taliban also called as Mujahideen. 

There was huge support from both sides & understanding to attain the results wanted where US was completely, rather blindly relying on Pakistan & it’s Mujahideen to attain their purposes. But unfortunately the same was not scenario when US launched strikes in Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. 

This time Pakistan was completely barred from playing any role in fact it faced a very aggressive approach from Washington at that time but US never knew what circumstances were waiting for them. Till now it is unsure who is in control in Afghanistan as many areas starting from small towns & streets until provinces are yet under control of Afghan Taliban. 

Indian involvement & Pakistan’s concerns, increasing attacks by resistance forces, poor administrative control & weak Afghan forces are not good signs for future of Afghanistan . Even the US itself is uncertain about this situation which at the moment is just maintaining the situation from being worse by keeping some of its forces operational.

At the other side Pakistan seems keen to advance with a realistic approach. Recent meetings between Afghan Taliban & Pakistani Officials held in July 2016 In China & in October 2016 in Quetta have a slight hope that Pakistan will be able to at least bring all the parties on table.

 Even if we consider Pakistan has influence on Afghan Taliban that means the key to a peaceful Afghanistan still is with Pakistan. The agreement between Hizb e Islami & Kabul is a positive move for the process. 

The only need of the time is to provide peaceful atmosphere in order to negotiate & come to a point where all the stakeholder in Afghanistan are given their rights instead of just working for one’s own interests which will never ever bring peace in Afghanistan as well as in the region.

Written By:

Adeel Javed (A Starter in writing, Young Enthusiast to Write On Pakistan Defense & Geopolitical Strategy & Needs.)

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