FBR announces to launch crackdown from September 1

FBR announces to launch crackdown from September 1

*KARACHI: *Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Chairman Shabbar Zaidi has announced that a crackdown will be launched against smugglers next week as the inflow of goods through illicit channels has badly hit local industries.

“Starting from the first of September, the FBR is declaring a war at the retail level where non-taxed imported goods are flooding the market to the detriment of the national exchequer,” the FBR chief said while addressing the 21st convention of the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP).

He said the manufacturing sector was bearing the brunt of taxation while the trade and unorganised services sector were getting off scot-free.

He made it clear that the Dubai-focused import model of economic development would not work here and “if Pakistanis kept parking their money overseas, then the crisis at home would no doubt go from bad to worse,” a statement read.