Saudi Arabia to build luxury Beach Resorts in Red Sea coast

Saudi Arabia to build luxury Beach Resorts in Red Sea coast

RYADH, Saudi Arabia : Prince Mohammad bin Salman has revealed plans to build a luxury resort along the stretch of coastline in the country’s northwest in order to reduce economy’s dependence on oil and encourage tourism.


Construction for the project is set to begin in 2019 and is expected to finish its first phase by 2022. By year 2035, it hopes to receive a million visitors per year.


It is reported that the 50 islands in the Red Sea will be opened up for foreigners by constructing luxury hotels, airport, ports and new roads. It will be a private area so laws matching international practice will be implemented there.


Visa regulations for tourists will be relaxed as the project is part of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 program aimed at ending economic reliance on oil.


Some foreign investors have applauded the initiative while others have showed skepticism.


The Saudi statement has assured that the safety at the island will be ensured according to international standards. It is also reported that the tourists will be able to directly fly to the islands without a visa.