India - Afghanistan reaffirm strategic partnership

India - Afghanistan reaffirm strategic partnership

NEW DELHI - Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday held talks with Indian leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind in New Delhi where the two sides exchanged views on the expansion of bilateral ties including economic and trade cooperation. 

The talks coincided with a joint India-Afghan trade show. 


Kovind said that Afghanistan was not only a strategic partner of India, but the two countries were also bound by common culture and historical relationships. 


Kovind also said that the Indian government will continue its cooperation with Afghanistan in the field of trade and commerce. 


He said that restoration of durable peace and security in Afghanistan had major significance to India. 


In turn, Abdullah said India was a trusted ally of Afghanistan and that India has been helping the people of Afghanistan during the difficult times. 


“Afghanistan’s chief executive officer also highlighted major development projects by India in Afghanistan such the establishment of Salma Dam and the construction of Afghanistan’s new parliament building and he also recalled the recent New Development Partnership meeting of the bilateral Strategic Partnership council and announced it as a step forward towards the empowerment of the private sector to further boost investment and commerce,” a statement released by the CEO’s office said. 


During the meeting with the Indian leadership, Abdullah also stressed the need for further cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terrorism and an end to the terror sanctuaries so that durable peace and security is restored in the region. 


Meanwhile Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said that India stands with Afghanistan in their efforts to build a peaceful, united, prosperous and inclusive Afghanistan.


This comes at a time that Afghanistan and India are holding a joint trade and investment show in the Indian capital of New Delhi. 

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