Chinese "Spider Woman" climbs mountains without rope and gears


GUIZHOU, China : French hiker Alain Robert is well known to be a reality Spiderman, with his capability to climb his way atop the mounts and heights without grip to any rope or gears but with his hands and limbs.

Alain has climbed many buildings from different countries, including the tallest Burj Ul Khalifa. He was labeled 'Spiderman' due to his undaunted enthusiasm with climbing.

Luo Dengping was born and brought up in Guizhou, a mountainous province in southwest China . She has been considered the only reality Spiderwoman due to her fixation with hiking.

Prior to traditions, the tribes in Guizhou sought training in hiking during their childhood. Dengping 's father too trained her to hike.

Although, men were more encouraged to maintain the tradition. However, deprived of a son, the skilled father encouraged her instead, making her the only woman able to hike across the rural community.

The tribes also searched for herbs atop the hills to earn a living out of it. Climbers had used these skills to collect swallow dung for fertilizer and herbs to sell as medicine. But as Western medicine grows in popularity, climbers can no longer make money selling herbs.

However, in between, Dengping had switched to a different source of money making like the rest of the tribe. 

With her resume in recent years, the thirty nine years old Dengping met an opportunity that declared her world's only Spiderwoman.

Dengping was chosen a skilled participant among six other men in an tourism advertising program across the land.  

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