Pakistan wind power projects facts and figures

Pakistan wind power projects facts and figures

ISLAMABAD (APP): The total installed capacity of wind power projects has been raised to 590.5 MW through different projects launched to meet energy needs in the country.

Wind power projects of 350MW capacity installed in Sindh

Six new wind power projects have recently achieved Commercial Operation Date (COD), Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) data about projects revealed.

As per details here on Friday, these projects included M/S Metro Power Company Limited 50 MW at Jhimpir, M/S Yunus Energy Limited 50 MW at Jhimpir, M/S Master Wind Energy Limited 52.8 MW at Jhimpir, M/S Tapal Wind Energy Limited 30 MW at Jhimpir, M/s Tenaga Generasi Limited 59.5 MW at Gharo and M/S Gul Ahmed Wind Power Limited 50 MW at Jhimpir.

The data said the government has set a target of adding 1000 Megawatts (MW) electricity to national grid by 2018 from wind corridor, as more investors are coming to invest in this mode of energy generation.

35 wind projects of 1749 MW capacity to be ready by 2018

Wind corridor in district of Thatta has the potential to generate up to 50,000 MWs electricity which will be sufficient enough to meet country's power demands for years.

Balochistan's coastal areas also have huge potential for alternative green energy.

The government is conducting surveys in this regard.