UAE government issues new entry rules for incoming travelers

UAE government issues new entry rules for incoming travelers

Single-name passengers will not be allowed entry into the UAE any longer, according to an advisory based on new guidelines issued by the Emirate.

This comes after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has changed its entry rule for international travellers effective from November 21.

The circular stated, “As per National Advance Information Center, UAE, the following guideline has been implemented with immediate effect for travel to UAE. Any passport holder with a single name (word) either in surname or given name will not be accepted by UAE immigration and the passenger will be considered as INAD.”

INLAD is a term which stands for inadmissible passenger. The new guideline will go into effect from November 21.

INAD, which stands for inadmissible passenger, is an aviation term used for people who are not allowed to enter the country that they want to travel to. INAD passengers have to be taken back to their country by the airline.

The circular gives an example of INAD passenger: A passenger with only Praveen as his given name and no surname. Stating an example, the guideline outlines that if any passenger’s name in the passport lists a given name as Praveen with the surname as (blank) OR if his/her given name is (blank) with surname Praveen, then “such a passport will not be issued a visa and in case the visa was issued previously then he or she will be INAD by immigration.”

The circular also states the rule will be applicable to those travelling on a tourist or visit visa, but will exclude residence or employment visas.