IHC reserves judment in Tayyaba torture case

IHC reserves judment in Tayyaba torture case

ISLAMABAD:The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Tuesday reserved its judgment in a case regarding torture on minor girl Tayyaba.

Justice Aamer Farooq of IHC picked up the case for hearing.

Accused former Additional Session Judge Raja Khurram Ali appeared before the court along with his counsels including Raja Rizwan Abbasi and Sohail Warraich Advocate.

During the course of proceeding, Rizwan Abbasi Advocate argued how someone who didn't see the incident could become witness of it?

The minor girl had admitted that video recording of her statement was made and injuries on her body were appeared after she fell from somewhere, he argued, saying that Tayyaba had given all the information to her parents.

Abbasi said nothing remain in the case if medical report and a witness were excluded from it.

Advocate General Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri argued that the minor girl was blamed for being misused by media and land mafia against former judge Raja Khurram Ali.

He said the victim girl had given statement before the court and police regarding the whole torture episode against her. She had also pointed out tools used to torture her, he said.

The bench asked whether the statement of victim girl was enough to announce punishment to the accused?

Jahangiri said "yes the statement of victim was enough for this".

He prayed the court to announce sentence for the accused in light of the medical report, evidences and witness statement in accordance of law.

After hearing the arguments at large from both sides, the court subsequently reserved its judgment in the case. APP/AFP

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