DG ISPR breaks silence over issue of much hyped NRO

DG ISPR breaks silence over issue of much hyped NRO

RAWALPINDI- The DG ISPR has said that Pakistan Army has nothing to do with any kind of NRO and it is political parties that make consultations with one another according to political compulsions.

On the decision of sending troops to Saudi Arabia, DG ISPR said these troops will be sent as part of bilateral agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia signed in 1982.

He said the role of troops will be limited to training and advisory purpose. He made it clear that Pakistani troops will have nothing to do with The Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition.

He said Pakistan is also providing training facilities to Iran and a group of Iranian pilots is undergoing training in our military academies.

Commenting on much hyped Bajwa Doctrine, the DG ISPR made it clear that it should be viewed under security lens as Army Chief wants Pakistan a peaceful and stable country as every Pakistan does.

Referring to meetings and visits of Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, he said bilateral and security relations have been strengthening with Army Chief's visits to Sri Lanka, Kabul, Munich, Malaysia and other countries.

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