OIC delegation visits Refugees' camps in AJK

OIC delegation visits Refugees' camps in AJK

MUZAFFARABAD: (APP) The delegation of Independent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Tuesday visited different skill development centers established by AJK government in Kashmiri Refugees' camps.

The IPHRC delegation led by Med S K Kaggwa from Uganda visited Refugee camps here. The other members of the delegation included Rashidin Hamidul Bashi(Oman), Dr. Rehana Binte Abdullah(Malaysia), Dr. Argon Argil(Turkey), Dr. Omun Abu Abbass (Cameron), Professor Dr. Saleh Bin Muhammad Khatluf (Saudi Arabia) and the spokesperson Marghob Bhut and Saqlain Javed.

The delegation who is on the two-day visit to AJK, visited different refugee camps including Manak Payyan, Ambore, Thotha and other camps in the capital.

Minister for Rehabilitation Nasir Dar, MLA Naseema Wani and Commissioner Muzaffarabad Division Ch Muhammad Tayyib briefed the delegation regarding the provision of facilities and objectives of establishing the Skill Development Centers for refugee.

The delegation witnessed the traditional Kashmiri skill work and appreciated the efforts of administration for imparting training to refugees and enabling them to earn their livelihood in respectable manners.

The delegates also observed the living standard and situation of IHK by meeting the refugee families. The delegation was also briefed about the latest situation of IOK and routine violation on LOC by Indian forces.

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