Ex Military officers in NAB refuse to take premature retirement

Ex Military officers in NAB refuse to take premature retirement

ISLAMABAD: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman apprised the country’s top court on Tuesday that three retired military officials who were inducted in the body without due process are now refusing to opt for premature retirement.

In compliance with the previous order, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry told the three-judge bench that Lahore DG Buhan, Quetta DG Tariq Mahmood, and Director Shakeel were not willing to leave their posts.

Subsequently, the bench decided to pass a fitting order in this regard on Wednesday.Earlier, the Establishment secretary and the NAB chairman admitted that nine officers were illegally inducted in the institution.

Chaudhry said that that two of the illegally inducted officers had already retired, while two officers availed early retirement, and two others rejoined their parent departments.

The bench asked both officers requesting early retirement to submit an application today seeking their retirement in addition to the directive to the NAB chairman to process their pleas immediately.

The bench observed that both officials would be entitled to receive pensionary benefits following their retirement.

The bench also allowed Chaudhry to accept the latter two officers’ pleas for repatriation to their parent departments.

It was observed that the parent departments will promote them along with their batchmates within 15 days.

The bench was also apprised that  NAB  DG Aliya Rasheed has declined premature retirement.

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