Top Level Chinese Military delegation to arrive in Pakistan

Top Level Chinese Military delegation to arrive in Pakistan

BEIJING: The Chinese defense ministry announced on Thursday that China’s Deputy Commander of Western military region, Major General Liu Xiaowu will soon visit Pakistan and India.

Spokesperson Wu Qian said Major General Liu would discuss border issues and collaboration as well as have an interaction with the militaries during his visit.

Wu said that Pakistan and India along with other Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) member states would participate in the “Peace Mission” joint military drill to be held in Russia this year.

“China is willing to continue to connect through exchange and cooperation in defense and security with SCO member countries on the basis of mutual trust and benefit, and to improve capacity to jointly cope with new challenges and threats,” he said.

The spokesperson added that during the visit, Major General Liu would be expected to meet with the leaders of the two countries' military forces, and exchange experience on the battlefield-level, contacts, border control, and border defense cooperation.

When talking about Sino-Indian border defense cooperation, the spokesperson said that China and India held a meeting and discussed border issues.

The meeting was mainly for the purpose of practicing yoga together, because the day of June 21 coincides with the "International Yoga Day."

In addition, the Chinese officers and soldiers also performed martial arts performances with Indian officers and soldiers.