Pakistan lends support to peace process in Afghanistan

Pakistan lends support to peace process in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan urged the international community and Afghanistan stakeholders to make the most out of the reconciliatory efforts in Afghanistan.

Maleeha Lodhi, the permanent envoy of Pakistan to the United Nations, spoke at a debate on the situation in Afghanistan at the 15-member United Nations Security Council. She said that Pakistan would assist the process and continue to do what everything in its capacity to help launch a credible peace process.

Lodhi said Eidul Fitr saw scenes of reconciliation between those who fought a bloody war for years. She said Pakistan has advocated a negotiated settlement, which was the only viable solution to end the conflict.

Afghan Ambassador Mahmoud Saikal said that success of the peace process hinged on managing future ceasefires and ensuring implementation of the Afghanistan-Pakistan action plan. APP