Mobile app with 'Panic Alarm' feature launched by Punjab Police   

Mobile app with 'Panic Alarm' feature launched by Punjab Police   

MULTAN: (APP) Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sultan Azam Taimuri has said that Multan police is going to launch a mobile application within next few days for the people to report crimes and incidents and its special feature, 'Panic Alarm', to seek prompt police help.

The Regional Police Officer told APP on Tuesday that the Android application titled 'MultanPolice' can be downloaded from google app store and web site ''.

He said that its Windows and Apple Iphone versions would also be available soon, adding that the application was developed by police IT experts Shafqat Rasool, Kaleem Danish and Muhammad Hanif.

The 'Panic Alarm' button of the application would be instrumental in inviting prompt police help for the vulnerable and disadvantaged people particularly women.

"The application does not occupy much of the space of internal memory of Android handsets. It needs only 1.2 to 1.5 Megabytes", he added.

Taimuri said that handsets carrying this application would enable people convey incident from any hi ghway, city road, or colony in text and pictorial format. Once running, the application turns the camera on enabling the individuals to capture image of the incident and send it to police with text after turning on the GPS feature.

Police would be able to spot the location of the incident and reach the site within shortest possible time to help or rescue people in case of any emergency situation, RPO said.