Digital Punjab project discussed at Google Headquarters USA 

Digital Punjab project discussed at Google Headquarters USA 

LAHORE: (APP) Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)/Vice Chancellor IT University (ITU) Lahore Dr Umar Saif talked on PITB-initiated digital projects at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California during his visit to Silicon Valley for 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES).

It was revealed through a press release issued by the spokesperson of PITB on Tuesday.

Dr Umar Saif was invited by the administration of Google to share his ICT interventions executed through smartphone applications in Punjab. He got an opportunity to share his achievements with more than 100 tech professionals gathered there from around the world.

Dr Saif said, "Punjab is leading in Pakistan with respect to its IT based reforms introduced in the education, health, police and other departments. Our work is being admired at international level and adapted by the other provinces of

Pakistan as well as some European countries like Albania and Romania."

He said, PITB's more than 236 projects were bringing change in Punjab in terms of transparency, accountability, efficiency and good governance. "Invitation to 2016 GES is one of many admirations we have won from the world of our state of the art projects.

The audiences at the Google Headquarters admired PITB and ITU for adapting innovative and effective technologies to gear up the government businesses in Pakistan.

Earlier, Dr Saif while speaking at the GES said, "We have established the largest and first Start-up Incubator-Plan9 in Pakistan that is being replicated by other universities and colleges in Pakistan too." He said, PlanX and the "Tech-Hub Connect" were other state of the art projects that were equally supporting entrepreneurs in Pakistan. "The Plan9 incubated more than 100 start-up companies some of whom have won international rapport and fetching reasonable foreign investment to Pakistan," he mentioned.