PTI decides to give tough time to PPP in Sindh: Report

PTI decides to give tough time to PPP in Sindh: Report

KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has decided to take tough stance in the Sindh Assembly against PPP.

Newly-elected members from Sindh assembly gathered at Insaf House and vowed to give tough time to PPP. Khurram Sher Zaman of PTI, who kept PTI alive in provincial assembly said, “The destruction that PPP brought to Sindh will not continue now.”

Sindh undoubtedly has been waiting for a messiah to have it out of troubles it is suffering from. People of Karachi especially Lyari have given verdict against PPP.

This is the reason it could not win even Bilawal’s seat. From internal Sindh, as usual, it got majority of seats which has made it possible for it to form government in the province.

PTI, on the other side, at centre performed quite well and instead of being friendly opposition, it gave quite a tough time to PML-N. Imran Khan kept his struggle alive till the last breath and had Nawaz Sharif behind the bars.

In Sindh, PTI will also have to perform the way people desire it to. There is so much to change; Karachi again needs to be the city of lights. People really want to see real change,which Imran Khan aspired, in the province. Let us hope that at least positive change comes in Karachi and masses get basic necessities.