Pakistani cardiologist wins prestigious British Award

Pakistani cardiologist wins prestigious British Award

LONDON: Jaffar Khan, a Pakistani cardiologist , has secured the prestigious 2018 Young Investigators Award of the British Cardiovascular Intervention Society.

He conducted first successful set of surgeries on humans using a procedure he came up with, reported a TV channel.

He used a procedure that is medically described as ‘laceration of the anterior mitral valve leaflet to prevent outflow track obstruction,’ nicknamed with the acronym “LAMPOON”.

“LAMPOON is a procedure I invented at the National Institutes of Health in America. It is a ‘keyhole’ cardiac surgery technique that resects heart tissue for the first time using minimally invasive techniques,” Jaffar said, according to the report.

“I am now the clinical lead for an FDA approved clinical trial together with Dr Robert Lederman, head of the cardiovascular intervention branch at NIH.”