Bilawal Bhutto hits at Indian Army, PM Narendra Modi in Davos

Bilawal Bhutto hits at Indian Army, PM Narendra Modi in Davos

DAVOS - In his first interview with the Indian media, Bilawal Bhutto has strongly defended the Pakistan military in its fight against terrorism when cross questioned aggressively, and held back no punches on the contribution Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India was making to the rise in hyper-nationalist and exclusionary politics in South Asia.

Keeping the need for peace at centre-stage, Bilawal argued that relations must not be between persons, but between states.

“Therefore, diplomacy cannot be about private visits and unrecorded encounters but must be embedded in real strategic conflict-resolution and dialogue without conditions posed on the media,” he said.

As news from the WEF dominated the airwaves in Europe and America, clips of some good leadership news from Pakistan were like a breath of fresh air at the forum, where Pakistan is often demonised on many scores including terrorism.

After Bilawal and PPP Vice-President Senator Sherry Rehman concluded a successful trip to Davos, Switzerland, it was clear from local and international sources that the PPP chairman stood out as a rising big voice, making a powerful public case for Pakistan.

PPP leader Sherry Rehman said at multiple public and private forums Bilawal emerged as a strong advocate for his country to be better recognised as a brave, resilient nation fighting global challenges such as extremism, terrorism, poverty, misogyny, intolerance, and climate change.