Afghan Taliban have spies inside Afghan Army and Intelligence

Afghan Taliban have spies inside Afghan Army and Intelligence

KABUL - Heads of security departments, including interior and defense ministers along with the director of national security on Sunday appeared at a joint press conference following the deadly bombing in Kabul city.

Interior minister Wais Ahmad Barmak told journalists that insurgents have spies among Afghanistan’s security forces, and that they even have spies in the political sphere.

Barmak also said that one of the reasons Saturday’s deadly bombing was not prevented, was because of the weakness of the intelligence departments.

“They (spies) unfortunately want to cooperate with the enemy. We are trying to arrest them, dozens of them have been arrested from among the security forces, from society and from among the political people,” said Barmak.

National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief Mohammad Masoum Stanikzai meanwhile said Afghanistan’s war is complicated and that insurgent groups are backed by foreign countries.

Stanikzai said NDS cannot prevent some of the complex insurgent attacks.

“In one week when 190 people (insurgents) get arrested, it means that most of the incidents have been prevented, but some incidents really cannot be stopped,” said Stanikzai.

Afghan defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami however said they will manage Afghanistan’s war. He urged the people to support security forces at this critical time.

“Any time that the leadership team (leaders) find more competent and better people than us, I am ready to resign and to leave my seat to the person who will work better than me,” said Bahrami.

Afghan people have always criticized security forces over their failure to prevent such attacks, especially in the capital.