Sea to erode Karachi by 2070

Sea to erode Karachi by 2070

KARACHI: (APP) A study pertaining to Karachi erosion due to the seawater by 2070 whereas Thatta, Sujawal and Badin cities may face same situation by 2050, concerned the Sindh Assembly greatly, on Friday.

Discussion on the Water Accord 1991, during the session, draw a number of MPAs attention towards approaching fresh water crisis in the province.

Speaking on the matter, Sindh Minister for Health and PPP leader Dr. Sikandar Mendhro said that water is a natural right of every person and we should be given our due right.

Stressing the need for resolving the issue of fresh water, he said that water is a life and without water no one can live.

Mandhro said that the people of the province were being deprived of its due share of water and its lands suffering from sweet water crises which was going to be worse in the days to come if the right was not given.

He said that the province was losing approximately 80 acres of land to the sea. It had already eroded 22 million acres of land, the situation might lead the province to drough, he warned.

MPA and MQM Parliamentary leader Syed Sardar Ahmed said that the water accord of 1991 was reached only in one day and there were violations in the accord.

Adding that many Water commissions were formed but no solid result came out.

MPA Syed Ameer Haider Shah Shirazi said that 10 thousand cusecs water should be flown into the Kotri Barrage downstream. He further said that fresh water of Jamshoro was turning salty now due to non-flowing the required sweet water into the downstream.

Sindh Minister for Local Government, Jam Khan Shoro demanded a new water accord to deal with the fresh water crisis in the province. He said that Sindh was experiencing negative effects on economy and agriculture owing to the matter.

Shoro said that effects of sea intrusion could now also be witnessed in Hyderabad city.

PTI MPA Samar Ali Khan said that impacts of climate change were growing.

"Population and Water" were being termed big issues of the 21th century in the world. He emphasized on emergent steps for preserving water. "We need to be self-sufficient and should not depend on others to this effect." he added.

He also criticized the PPP for not taking steps when it was in power at federal level for resolving the issue.

Other MPAs also stressed the need for planting mangroves to protect lands from sea intrusion whereas advised to appoint an Irrigation minister to deal with water situation in proper manner.

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