AJK minister lauds PAF timely action of shooting down 2 Indian jets

AJK minister lauds PAF timely action of shooting down 2 Indian jets

MIRPUR (AJK): Appreciating the demonstration of high professional skills by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) shooting down two Indian fighter jets for violating the Line of Control (LoC) on Wednesday, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) minister for Agriculture Chaudhry Masood Khalid said India had been responded in the same coin for its aggressive posture by valiant armed forces of Pakistan within 48 hours after the earlier violation of the LoC at wee hours of Tuesday.

India will get tit for tat response if she dared to launch any misadventure again, he warned New Delhi, a statement said.

Masood Khalid said any attempt to cross the LoC would prove a stringent lesson for India. The whole nation stands by Pakistan Army, he declared.

He said by shooting down the Indian jets message was conveyed by the action of the Pakistan armed forces that they have full potential to respond to any aggression and offensive action against Pakistan.

He said we know how to protect our country, in these circumstances the whole nation stands united with the brave armed forces of Pakistan.

He said the valiant armed forces of Pakistan has distinction of being one of the best armed force in the world. He said the brave Pakistan armed forces defeated the war on terror successfully and established the peace in the country through the best of their professional skills.

Masood Khalid said Pakistan did not ever support any kind of terrorism any where in the world including in its neighbor.

He said the Indian prime minister Modi gained nothing of the baseless allegations of terrorism against Pakistan through staging the drama of surgical strikes besides facing defame and humiliation around the world, he added.

He said Kashmiris including those dwelling along the LoC are brave and courageous and will not bow before the despotic Indian occupational forces in all circumstances.